Fluid Delivery Heaters 

Watlow® innovative fluid delivery heaters produce consistent results by reducing temperature and viscosity variations.

Watlow's syringe heater was developed for the needs of medical injection applications. The special design provides a heated fluid and drug delivery system solution with long operational life which improves system reliability while reducing equipment down time. Watlow's FREEFLEX™ heater unique design places the heating element and sensor directly in contact with the perimeter of the tubing to produce efficient temperature control of the tube contents. The FREEFLEX heater eliminates the need for heated reservoir systems in many applications.

°F °C W/in2 W/cm2
FREEFLEX® Heated Tubing Polymeric   212   100   10   1.5 
Syringe Heaters Polycarbonate laminate   185   85   2   0.3 

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