Thermal Solutions for Diesel Applications

Diesel Applications

System Solutions Designed to Fit your Diesel Application Needs

Watlow has more than 25 years' experience as a diesel solutions partner, delivering global support wherever needed. For more than 85 years, we have designed, developed and manufactured complete thermal system assemblies—heaters, sensors and controllers—for leading industrial companies throughout the world.

Our diesel application solutions support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), aftertreatment system integrators, retrofitters of over-the-road, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, and off-road construction, mining, agriculture, marine and locomotive equipment. We design application-specific sensors, controllers and heater components that can be integrated into your thermal management system for diesel exhaust aftertreatment and engine control.


Whether your application requires temperature sensing for fluids, cylinder heads, turbo inlets and outlets, or electric heating systems for fluids or intake air pre-heating burner systems—we can customize an
on-engine solution that fits your application needs.

Watlow's temperature sensors communicate with the engine control unit (ECU) using CAN, LIN, PWM or analog outputs. Sensors are engineered to handle harsh diesel environmental demands including vibration, contamination and temperature extremes. Durability has been proven with over one million sensors operating in diesel applications.


Watlow sensor solutions maximize diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) performance, enable efficient and controlled DPF regeneration and provide for optimized selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system efficiency. We proudly manufacture sensors from our TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 sensor certified facility.

Does your application require additional heat for aftertreatment optimization or DPF regeneration? We offer a wide range of heater, temperature sensor and controller technologies that integrate with your system to facilitate an optimized aftertreatmemt system.

Watlow's application-specific heater technologies and controllers solve problems including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) thawing and freeze prevention and urea re-crystallization at the doser and SCR inlet.